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Shinhan Finance Announces To Join Vietnam Banks Association as the 66th Member

Date 30/09/2019

September 27, 2019, Ho chi Minh city, Shinhan Vietnam Finance Company Limited (Shinhan Finance) - a fully foreign owned consumer finance company, has announced today that it has become the 66th member of Vietnam Banks Association (VNBA) effective September 26th , 2019 regarding VNBA approval no. 31/QĐ-HHNH.


This development will see Shinhan Finance significantly increase the general welfare and usefulness of banking finance institutions and discussions of subjects of importance across the industry. Shinhan Finance and its customers will now benefit from a credible national network covering 66 members, including commercial banks, joint-venture banks, and many finance companies.



Tổng Thư ký VNBA đã trao Quyết định Kết nạp hội viên liên kết thứ 66 cho Shinhan Finance

Shinhan Finance becomes the 66th member of Vietnam Banks Association (VNBA)


Commenting on the new membership, Mr. Nguyen Toan Thang, VNBA said “Congratulations to Shinhan Finance. The members of VNBA are pleased to welcome Shinhan Finance as the newest member. Becoming a member of VNBA, Shinhan Finance will be protected by VNBA for relevant legal rights and interests in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Association; empowered to participate in many annual activities organized or co-hosted by VNBA such as conferences, seminars, forum, training programs etc.; The company is also recommended to propose ideas to remove barriers and problems encountered during follow-up with state management agencies through VNBA.”



Tổng Thư ký VNBA - Ông Nguyễn Toàn Thắng phát biểu

Mr. Nguyen Toan Thang, VNBA Secretary General



Mr. Atul Dixit, CEO, Shinhan Finance added “VNBA helps to ensure policymakers understand the important role banks and financial companies play in Vietnam economic growth. As a member, we can add our voice to call on regulatory agencies and the administration to enact pro-growth policies that support the healthy financial market, encourage innovation and remove impediments to serving customers.



Tổng Giám đốc Shinhan Finance - Ông Atul Dixit phát biểu

Mr. Atul Dixit, Shinhan Finance CEO



In turn, we follow the lead of the State Bank of Vietnam and support the stronger alliance by extending its connecting role for stable, effective, and healthy development of the credit institutions of Vietnam and contributes to the implementation of the monetary policies for socio-economic development.’’


Đại diện Shinhan Finance trao quà tặng VNBA

 CEO, Mr. Atul Dixit delivers a gift to VNBA Secretary General



Chụp ảnh kỷ niệm giữa đại diện Cơ quan thường trực VNBA và Shinhan Finance

VNBA's Council Members and Shinhan Finance's Delegates







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